Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2018 World Cup logo revealed

It was midnight in Moscow as three Russian astronauts from the international space station revealed the emblem of the next World Cup finals.

The image was then projected onto the facade of the famous Bolshoi Ballet.
As World Cup logos go it is pretty inoffensive, if not rather conservative, as perhaps befitting of the Russian Republic, but it is undeniably elegant at the same time and given the litany of dodgy sporting emblems, we can hardly complain. 

It appears a more elegant and refined version of Brazil's 2014 effort, although vaguely reminiscent of a deodorant in its rounded smoothness.

The shape is loosely the FIFA World Cup trophy once more and the red, gold and black are nods to the medieval tradition of Russian icon painting. From a distance it might even pass for a goblet about to be quaffed by Ivan the Terrible.

Yet the various stars on the blue background and tufts which could be exhaust flames reference Russia's pioneering role in space exploration, hence the unveiling 330km above the earth.

Brandia of Portugal were responsible for the final design but before producing it consulted eight Russian and international design agencies and a panel of ten individuals, including FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke and Russian national team coach Fabio Capello. 

After the furore which greeted the dreadful London 2012 Olympic symbol and the observation after their thrashing by Germany that Brazil 2012's emblem looked like a hand covering a face in shame, the Russians were taking no chances.

The official slogan will be revealed in early 2015, the preliminary draw will take place in St Petersburg next summer and in late 2016 we will get our first glimpse of the poster and the mascot.

Will it be a bear by any chance..?

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