Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup 2010 Draw

World Cup 2010 Draw.
The draw for the 2010 World Cup is complete.

A couple of the groups contend for the "Group of Death" label. Group D with Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana and Group G with Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast and North Korea. England got lucky paired with USA, Algeria and Slovenia in Group C. Hosts South Africa have a tough draw but will remain hopeful home advantage can lift them out of the group stage.

Group A: *South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
Group B: *Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece
Group C: *England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D: *Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia
Group E: *Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark
Group F: *Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia
Group G: *Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Cost, Portugal
Group H: *Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland

* seeded teams

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John said...

Alright, now here is my own views about the World Cup draw.

In think Group A, will be interesting to see since France got themselves in the mix there. South Africa looks certain to progress as a host never fails to do so in the football’s modern age. So how would Uruguay and Mexico will response could make this very complicated for France.

In Group C, I think England could not have ask for better draw than this and looks clear favourite to top it. I do have a good feeling that USA looks the better side to follow them suit.

Next up is Group D, a relatively an easy draw for Germany? I don’t think so, Ghana will play hard, Serbia are a complete different side and Australia can give a fight.

In Group E, the Dutch looks good to finish on top but only if they play to their maximum potential. Cameroon is my choice of team to follow them and who knows, they could just pip the Orange for a place as group winners.

Italy should be happy with this draw as apart from Paraguay the others don’t look likely to stir some trouble for them.

Now it is Group G, which is the group of death in this World Cup. Well if they is any team that knows how to whether the storm in such situation and that is Brazil. Dunga’s side has all the quality in the world to compete in a group like this. The match between Ivory Coast and Portugal will be an intriguing battle and I don’t see any risk in people putting their money on the Elephants to win that match.

Last up Group H, Spain should be able to finish this group with ease. Both Chile and Switzerland are a balance side in which could go either way.

Incase if you wonder why I left out Group B, well instead of mine and perhaps you may want to share with us your views about this group.