Friday, April 10, 2009

E's Smoking

Heading down the pub to watch the footie or even following the races at the local bookie is just not the same since those puratanical anti-smokers decided to force their holier-than-thou ways on us with their smoking bans.

Flights have already been a pain for years, and necessitate the slapping on of numerous nicotine patches.

E cigarettes

On my last trip though one smart guy had found a way through the bullshit.

Relaxing in the plane on the trip over to Thailand he was happily puffing away on a little white stick. When asked by the hostess to stub out he pointed out that it was not a cigarette at all - a fact he was happy to prove by grinding the end out on his skin. The girl was most impressed!

E cigarettes

The guy was in fact smoking an e cigarette - a crazy invention where you suck on a metal tube (which looks so close to a real cigarette you couldn't tell the difference). When you suck on it the intake of air activates a sensor which vaporizes a nicotine solution. It doesn't smell, apparently it is far healthier (no carcinogens or tar) and best of all no combustion takes place - meaning it is legal to smoke in bars, on the plane - and at the bookie.

What's more, you can now even buy anelectronic cigar to impress the lads at a poker party, or, if you fancy yourself as a bit of an English gentleman, you can get an e-pipe to go along with your tweed jacket.

The device actually originated in China, and have been making their way round the globe since then. They are currently available in both China and the UK, and can still be obtained in America. Supplies may be short lived in America, as the government are planning to give official FDA approval to home manufactured cigarettes that are forecast to kill 1 in 3 smokers while banning the alternatives that remove 90 - 99% of the risk of smoking.

No prizes for guessing the company sponsoring that legislation, then - you've got it, Philip Morris, the largest cigarette company in America...

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