Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beckham to turn back on American soccer revolution

Beckham to turn back on American soccer revolution.
The majority of the footballing world was put into a state of shock when in 2007 David Beckham announced that he was move to American side LA Galaxy. Many questioned whether Golden Balls any longer had any football motivations other than continuing his flagging England career when the global superstar made the move. Although few could deny that it would have been difficult for anyone to turn down the amount of money Beckham was being offered, with some reports suggesting as much as $250,000-a-week.

When the Galaxy brought in Becks talk was rife that the MLS may soon be in competition with the NFL and the NBA, with soccer replacing baseball as America's national sport. However that may have been a slight over sight because the wave of top quality European footballers who were expected to come in and boost the quality of American soccer hasn't happened. Neither has soccer become the American sweetheart of sport across the pond.

On the field LA Galaxy haven't been the soccer sensation that many had hoped, making the play-offs once since Beckham came to the club and even then being knocked out by the Chicago Fire as the football betting was turned on its head.

It was only Beckham who realised that he wasn't going to be the messiah everyone had expected, acknowledging that soccer would never overtake American football or baseball despite the media coverage of the former England captains move. Now it seems that Becks has given up on his American revolution, much to the apparent disgust of his wife, and is finally going to head back to Europe and play football once again rather than soccer.

Beckham finally acknowledged that he wanted to leave the Galaxy after Wednesday's friendly against Rangers, seemingly fed up with the Hollywood lifestyle and intent on keeping his place in the England side for the 2010 World Cup. Becks' chances of pulling on the three lions jersey at a major competition again were faltering fast but since arriving at the San Siro things have begun to look up

AC Milan have received a much needed boost since the arrival of the former Man Utd and Real Madrid midfielder, having done so well that Carlo Ancelotti feels he can boost his sides football odds for the Uefa Cup by including him in squad for their next round tie with Werder Bremen, despite Beckham's loan being scheduled to finish at the beginning of March. No one expected Beckham to be the on field the success he has been, with many suggesting that Becks had been brought in to boost the Rossoneri's shirt sales.

Now it appears as though Beckham could stay on for the remainder of the Serie A season and potentially beyond that despite L.A Galaxy's protests. So it appears as though Beckham will be leaving soccer in the U.S. in a similar state to the one he found and instead take one last crack at the big time with Milan.

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Bill said...

Very subtle gambling plugs there, Chris!

Nonetheless, I think it's bizarre for people to have assumed that, just because he moved to LA, he was over the hill. He's still in his early 30s and he's still a class act. He was great for the exposure of football in the US - I actually think it's quite sad that he has to move back to Europe to regain people's respect for him as a footballer.

Keough said...

Becks needs to whats best for his England career and he has been great so far at Milan, totally different player then the one seen playing in the States