Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ghana Fever

The hopes of all Ghanaians have been raised by their performance in overcoming Nigeria and the referee in yesterday's game. I saw that Le Roy had prononounced that he was not God, but I am just waiting for the headlines to read Agogod! After a piece of divine intervention saw him scoring the winning goal at the end of a nervy game, sending Ghanaians jubilating late into the night.

Another type of fever may have been caused by the food over here. The main dish available everywhere is chicken and rice. Favourite local dishes include Fu Fu, a soup with balls of kenkye (made from corn). I chose this dish and started to eat it with a spoon much to the amusement of the locals, who then proceeded to use their hands to break off pieces of kenkye to mop up the soup and finished theirs in no time as I struggled.

Other favourites include Banku where the only difference appears to be that it is not quiet as gooey as Fu Fu. Dried fish are readily available wherever your go, but as yet this correspondent has left them alone. My current diet is of omlette as I battle this particular Ghanaian Fever.

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