Friday, November 9, 2007

"Sexy Football" Comes to MLS as Gullit Joins Galaxy

Sexy Football Comes to MLS as Gullit Joins Galaxy.
Just as AEG and the LA Galaxy's Beckham gambit seemed to have pulled a fast fade--5 matches, 1 goal, no playoffs, no cup--the MLS club got even "sexier" by announcing Ruud Gullit as new head coach.

Gullit will be introduced tomorrow (Fri., Nov. 9) as the replacement for Frank Yallop, who left at the end of this season to take the reins of the expansion San Jose franchise which begins league play next year.

Gullit, 45, had been rumored as one of two finalists last week, along with former German national coach, J├╝rgen Klinsmann. Klinsmann is a resident of Newport Beach, California, not far from Los Angeles. His name seems to be added to the list every time a high-profile coaching job comes up lately; earlier this year he was reportedly on the short list to coach the US Men's National Team through the next World Cup, but such a deal did not materialize.

Gullit, former European Footballer of the Year (1987), comes to Los Angeles with previous coaching experiences at Feyenoord, Newcastle, and Chelsea.

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Striker no9 said...

Now LA Galaxt is going to be 'Sexy Club'..