Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Mr. Off, the Mrs. On, As Beckhams' World Turns

The Beckhams--David and Victoria--have been in Los Angeles for barely two months, but their individual careers may never be the same.

Mr. Beckham was injured this week as his Galaxy of the MLS fell in the first-ever SuperLiga final to Mexican club Pachuca. The SuperLiga features midweek, inter-league play between the top clubs in MLS and Mexican football.

Beckham's injury--a knee ligament sprain--basically spells an end to his play for the regular MLS season and may see him miss two Euro 2008 qualifiers for England as well.

In all honesty, the Bendy One does not seem happy in Los Angeles or MLS and this reporter would not be very surprised to see him end his career in red at Old Trafford one day very soon. He seems to have been born Cockney Red and so perhaps that's as it should be. It's likely that even the earlier transfer to Madrid was a mistake as well.

Meanwhile Mrs. Beckham, the artist formerly known as Posh Spice, has signed for her first acting job on a nationally televised prime-time program("-me"?) entitled, "Ugly Betty". This follows an earlier "reality show" one-off titled, "Coming to America", about her move from Spain to California which was generally ignored by the summer viewership.

It is said that PS will play herself (again) in "Ugly Betty", a weekly "dramady" (part comedy, part drama) which presents the serialized adventures of a less-than-stunning dental patient who is employed as a New York fashion magazine excutive's assistant.

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