Monday, April 2, 2007

England Given Euro 2008 Bye

England Given Euro 2008 Bye.
England Given Euro 2008 Bye

With the England national team in danger of not making the finals of Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, UEFA has decided to act.

UEFA President, the newly-elected Michel Platini has granted England an automatic bye into the finals. At a specially arranged press conference in Paris, Platini explained his decision:

"England have received direct, automatic qualification to the final stages of Euro2008," said the 57-year-old Frenchman.

"The financial success of the whole tournament depends on England's participation. We could not afford to jeopardize the future security of our federation," added the new UEFA supremo.

"England supporters' spending power gives a real boost to local economies and everyone from policemen, publicans to prostitutes would suffer if England were not there," added the diminutive Frenchman.

"All the other national associations are in full agreement. We all know England will not win the tournament. They arrive, play poorly and always lose in the quarterfinals on penalties."

England will be placed in Group A along with co-hosts Switzerland making a group of five teams in that group and 17 teams overall in the tournament.

Local reaction has been fully supportive of the UEFA directive. Hans Lagerback, a local bar owner in Zurich, said:

"I'm so happy that UEFA has seen sense and let the English in. We were all worried we would not have had a successful tournament if only Italian and Spanish fans were drinking here. We need the English fans and their money."

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