Monday, August 7, 2006

Fashion of Football

The Fashion Of Football: Soccer From Best To Beckham, From Mod To Label Slave

Paolo Hewitt & Mark Baxter

ISBN: 1840188073
224 pp

The Fashion Of Football Music and style journalist Paolo Hewitt and friend Mark Baxter
decided to chart a neglected theme running through modern football
history: The clothes. From the wildly dressed George Best in the
swinging sixties to the Armani-ed Premiership boys of today, sartorial
style has accompanied footballers in England. And running parallel
to the players' styles is the story of the fans' attire. The Fred
Perry and Tacchini tops of the 1970s through the 'casual' looks
of the eighties to today's Stone Island-clad lads is an equally
important part of England's football culture that completes the
picture of football culture. But this is as much a book about style
and youth culture itself than its football-related history, written
in a free and unchained style, where Soho's Bar Italia rubs shoulders
with 1960s London boutiques, '70s mods, Rodney Marsh and David Beckham.

Sean O'Conor

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