Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2006 Champions League Final Prediction

2006 Champions League Final Prediction.
Wed 17 Champions League Final

Barcelona v Arsenal

Astro-Analysis: This will be a very tough match. The stars of both teams are little bit more or less equally strong. It will be not easy to judge what will happen at the ground. 90% chances are that match will reach up to penalties

The 10% chances are that, Arsenal will get a divine support for few minutes at the end of the match, if they will get success in that, than either they will score a winning goal or reach up to equalize. And if match reaches penalties than there may be chances for extra shootouts to each team, as the stars in transit are closely placed.

But at last destiny will decide the fortune of Barcelona and Arsenal. The performance of both the teams will be excellent. In the end, the match will be decided by the performance of Lehmann and Valdes. We can also say that this match will between the two goalkeepers. As a final result, Barcelona will be the Champions of the Champions Leagues after penalties.

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