Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fortune favours the Forest

Three days, two wins, two days of ridiculous results. Forest took full points from their Easter schedule and complimented it with two more days of fantastic results from elsewhere in League 1, to take sixth place and keep the promotion aspirations very much alive.

This unbeaten run is almost a throwback to the years BC. Dear Brian may he rest in peace... Not that I want to bang on about going ten games without a loss being a amazing turnaround of fortunes (oh yes I do...) but Forests rapid rise into the playoff positions has also had a lot to do with other teams faltering form.

Around the start of the month our task was to claw back seven points in as many games. Discussing this with my Brother, as pessimistic and superstitious as any Forest fan your likely to meet, we thought it to be just about possible if we won all but about two games. This might yet turn out to be true, but we were expecting, if anything, Forest to steal sixth place probably on the last day of the season. Poor results from the six teams around us, possibly caused by our good form, have accelerated the Palace-esq rise that has left us in the lowest playoff spot and five points off automatic promotion.

When Oldham lost at home to the Dons it became clear that we had to thank players of other teams as well as our own for the rapidity of our rise. Other results that have gone our way in the last few days include Barnsleys 2-0 halftime lead being pegged back to a draw by a shaky Southend, Brentford constantly drawing, Oldham constantly losing and Colchester sharing the points with a decidedly dodgy Chesterfield on Saturday.

Tonight, Huddersfield, another club sparing with Forest for a play-off spot host Chesterfield. The visitors haven’t won a game since January, they squandered a two goal lead at the weekend and Huddersfield are at home. It seems it could only end one way. But then again, Huddersfield are in the panicky playoff zone. Do we sense a pattern? Could the Derbyshire side cause an upset? What time does Ladbrokes close?

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