Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ticket Swap Shop

Got World Cup tickets? Wrong matches? Read on...

Ticket Swap Shop

Ticket Swap Shop Ltd run a fan based community website that enables World Cup ticket holders to explore the possibility of swapping their tickets with another fan on a like-for-like basis.

The way in which tickets have been allocated for the World Cup starting in June has yet again left supporters holding tickets for games that they would rather not attend.

The rigidity of FIFA in their reluctance to allow ‘reasonable’ transfers between ticket holders forces the age old situation where fans that are intent on watching the games they want to see will go to the black market to sort the problem out.

To go down the black market route takes time, money, and a certain amount of courage; the risks are both financial and physical! Having been there, experienced it and paid the price of trying to get the right tickets, the lads at have come up with a cheaper and easier solution for all ticket holding fans.

In short the site works as follows: Ticket holders from all over the world post their ticket details online, then they state which tickets they would consider swapping for in return. From there on they can search, browse and pair up with other members whose ticket exchange details match theirs.

The take up has been fantastic, with ticket holders from all corners of the globe registering their tickets. The more people that join up, the greater the chance of everyone finding the swap they want.

Just about every game at the World Cup is now represented on the site, with members already discussing the finer details of how they will ‘action’ their swaps.

The people that are most likely to use this are the dedicated national team fans who have been allocated ‘inappropriate’ match tickets for other countries games, or those fans that applied for tickets so long ago that their personal schedules have now changed, preventing attendance on the specific dates that their tickets relate to.

One member looking to swap was lucky enough to be allocated FINAL tickets, only to realise that it clashes with his wedding! A tough call, but he has decided to look for a swap for some tickets two weeks earlier.

Legally, the site will probably cause some waves. FIFA's stance on exchanges and transfers has been made clear, but true fans of the event will do whatever they have to in order to see the games they want to see.

The creation of this service means that fans no longer have to take the extreme option of auctions, touts, agencies and scalpers, and they avoid the usual back street exchanges involving bundles of cash.

Many users are anticipating conducting their exchanges in advance of traveling to Germany, face to face where geography allows, or by registered postal services. Others are traveling to Germany in advance of the games and are arranging to meet in coffee bars and hotel reception areas.

An added benefit of the service is that fans feel more comfortable dealing with their own kind. Members feel that the motivations of those looking to swap with them are equal, as they all have the same objective, which is to see the games they really want to see.

So, in cutting out the touts, agencies and scalpers, the service will help those that it has been designed for by cutting out all the hassle of selling and re-buying, and also saving a fortune on tout and agency mark ups.

Maybe the cash the members save can be spent in a better way once in Germany! Information pages are available at the site, with a ‘tour’ facility to give first timers a look at how the service works.

Registration, entering tickets, declaring wanted tickets, searching and browsing are all free of charge, so there’s no cash up front for those that want to see if it could work for them.

For lazy swappers, there is even a ‘ticket scout’ who works on your behalf when you are not online, and if he spots an entry that matches your requirements he sends you an Email so that you can act on it quickly!

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