Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Boro fans attacked

Middlesbrough fans have been attacked by "organised" Italian thugs in Rome ahead of the UEFA cup clash tonight.

Three men were stabbed - a 39 yr old, there to enjoy the game with his 11 year old son, in the back and chest, a 31 yr old in the back and an 18 yr old in the backside - and ten others aged from 16 to 55 were rushed to casualty.

The attackers are thought to be from a group of extremist Roma "fans" called Ultras. The masked scum reportedly targeted two bars where Boro fans were gathered, normal shirt wearing Boro fans including families, throwing flares before charging with an array of weapons including axes and knives. Boro fans had been warned by police that Italian fans carry flares, but Cleveland Police's Superintendednt Swales said that he was not aware that they carried knives. I think I would've hazzarded a guess that it was a distinct possibility myself mind.

Luckily Italian Police were on hand to pile in with batons and restore order.

What can you say? Nothing short of absolutely disgusting behaviour from an "organised" group of idiot scum. It's going to get to the point where noone in their right mind will travel to European games for the sake of self preservation, and no doubt this will again somehow warrant more black marks against English fans.

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