Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Germany - Golf & Golf Courses

Golf in Germany

With more than 500 courses and 300,000 players Germany is certainly a place where you can enjoy good golf.

Germany Golf & Golf Courses.

It's crucial that you plan your trip properly in advance as you won't be able to just hire clubs and walk onto a course, but don't let that put you off, there are many great courses worth every Euro of the green fee.

The number of German golf courses has rocketed in the last fifteen years, in part due to the popularity brought to the sport by the greatest German golfer of all time, Bernhard 'The Ice Man' Langer.

One of Europe's top golfers, Langer has a slightly undeserved reputation for not showing emotion, but he certainly showed it after his two US Masters victories and after leading the European Team to victory in golf's most bitterly fought battle, the 2004 Ryder Cup.

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