Friday, July 15, 2005

RoboCup Osaka 2005: Day Two

Day Two of the RoboCup witnessed pre-tournament favorites FU-Fighters lose to Field Rangers of Singapore 4-0 in a stunning defeat in the Small Size League. The Big Red Machine of Cornell University, on the other hand, chalked up two wins. Friday is the final day of the Round Robin; on Saturday the Semi-finals begin.

Between matches, we wandered around Hall 4 and came across the Secom Booth. Intrigued by a young woman wearing a headset and a shiny flame-retardant electric blue and gray shorts-and-top combination, we listened to a 20-minute presentation on the wonderful products Secom is developing for the aged. Among them was a self-feeder: using just one's chin, a bed-ridden person can control a lever to guide a spoon from a plate, fill it with food, and bring it to his mouth. Looking every bit like a character from an anime film, the woman chirped on about the benefits for the infirm and incontinent.

Back to the action. In the Humanoid Division, Team Osaka is pulling away. In the Four-Legged Division, the Dutch Aibo Team appears to be the team to beat.

C. Ogawa

RoboCup 2005

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