Tuesday, July 19, 2005

RoboCup: Only 16,433 Days to Go

The final day of the tournament, and Intex is packed. A press pass is no guarantee of a good seat; many resort to watching the matches on big screen televisions set up around the fields. Peering around and between heads and bodies is what most opt for.

The FU-Fighters downed Cornell University in the Final in the Small Size league, taking the trophy and salvaging pride after an upset loss in the early rounds. The win also confirmed its status as the dominant side.

In a thrilling Final in the Four-Legged League, the German Team downed Australia’s NuBots on penalties. Tied 2-2 after regulation play, the German Team edged the Aussies in the PK round.

In the Humanoid League, local favorites Team Osaka took honors, making it two in a row after triumphing in Lisbon last summer.

A total of 180,000 people trooped out to Intex for a lot of action and a taste of the future. For those of us still alive in 2050—only 16,433 days away—we can expect to see a team of robots take on a team of humans. The grandchildren of Ronaldinho have their work cut out for them.


Small Size League: FU-Fighters (Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany)
Medium Size League: Eigen (Keio University, Japan)
Four-Legged League: German Team (Germany)
Humanoid: Team Osaka (Japan)
Soccer Simulation League: Brainstormers 2D (University of Osnabrueck, Germany)
Rescue Robot League: Toin Pelican (Japan)

C. Ogawa

RoboCup 2005

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