Monday, July 25, 2005

Darlo Vs Boro - is this what we've got to look forward to next season?

A pretty much full strength Premier League Boro team (with the notable absence of New lad Yakubu) managed to turn in a dire first half performance against Division 3/English League 2/whatever you want to call it's Darlington on Saturday, in Darlo hero and ex-Boro squad member Craig Liddle's Testimonial game.

A welcome return to the fold for Mendieta, Jimmy Floyd and Boateng saw the team pose no threat whatsoever to Darlington whose No.6 looked the most competent and threatening player on the pitch. Now, yeah, I'm not looking forward to more of that in the coming season, but even more worrying is the way in which the game ended - a half time evacuation due to a bombscare called in from a phone box in the town. Is this what we've got to look forward to next season? Countless games ruined & abandoned by idiots with nothing better to do than spoil an afternoon's entertainment. With the seriousness that the Police have to take cases like this at the moment and the pressure that Police are under, why would anyone ring in a hoax bombscare? Well, it certainly pushes their resources to the limits, but what good can possibly come of it? Who's paying attention to a North East friendly in the first place and if it is just some idiot "having a laugh" how exactly is that funny? The Police are apparently doing their best to track down the hoaxer and lets hope they get him/her soon. And what a way for Craig Liddle to end his career.

Hopefully this won't be a taster for the season to come, in terms of the football but most of all the way the game ended.

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