Monday, June 20, 2005

Anita's Predictions & Tips

Our resident Indian astrologer has a look at the likely outcomes.

Australia vs Tunisia

This match will like hide and seek. Tunisia will perform well
and give a very tough compitition but on the other hand Australia
will give a sudden twist to the match and will show an amazing performance.
At last the match will be in the hands of Australia.

Players to watch: Players with jersey numbers 4, 8, 17, 13
for Australia will perform well and 3,9,12,18 for Tunisia.

Germany vs Argentina

The stars of both the teams are equally bright. Both Germany and
Argentina will perform execllently and play in their traditional style.
Noone can imagine what will happen till the last minutes. This
match will end up either in a draw or Argentina will win as they
will get a divine support.

Players to watch: Players with jersey numbers 12, 18 for
Gemany and 3, 9, 12 for Argentina.


Greece vs Mexico

This will be the game of ups and downs. Mexico will dominate Greece
and create hurdles for them at evey path. On the other hand Greece's
performance will also be admirable. In the end the match will be in
the hands of Mexico.

Japan vs Brazil

Don't take this match lightly. This will be a cut throat match
and both the teams will have periods of domination. But at last
the stars are in favor of Brazil and they will win this match.

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